Creating Healthy Habits Coaching

My mission is to teach teens how to break out of the chronic stress loop, so they can create healthy habits, manage expectations better, experience more success and remain happy and healthy in school and beyond.

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Creating Healthy Habits Coaching

During the weekly one on one coaching session, in person or utilizing Facetime, your teen is brought through my signature Creating Healthy Habits Coaching process which in four steps helps teens break out of the Chronic Stress Loop.

The Chronic Stress Loop starts with a stressor in your teen’s life such as fighting with a friend or feeling overwhelmed by homework.  This triggers panic, and your teen’s mind starts slinging insults like:  I am not good enough or I am stupid.  In order to soothe themselves, they rely on their default habit which might look something like overeating or zoning out on a screen for hours.  Once a behavior becomes a habit, they do it automatically when stress arises.  Eventually, these unhealthy habits lead to unwanted manifestations like extra weight or incomplete homework. (To learn more about how being stuck in the Chronic Stress Loop can impact your teen go here.)

The goal of the 10 week Creating Healthy Habits Coaching program is to teach teens the importance of replacing their default habits with healthier habits so that they can break out of the Chronic Stress Loop and manage expectations better.  Since their default habits are healthy, when stress arises, they are able to release it safely and stay on track for meeting their goals.  In addition, the new habits will help your teen heal their unwanted manifestations and achieve long-term success and happiness in all areas of their life.

Creating Healthy Habits Coaching is right for you and your teen if you feel that your teen could use some support managing their stress in a healthier way.

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What’s Included

During the Creating Healthy Habits Coaching program, your teen will be guided through my signature four-step process which helps teens decrease their top stressors by creating new healthy default habits, so they can be happier and healthier in school and beyond.

  • 10 Coaching Sessions  (40-50 minutes)
  • Celebration of Progress
  • Weekly Action Steps
  • Session Summaries
  • Informative Handouts
  • Motivational Texts
  • Accountability Chart
  • Reward System
  • 3 Parent Sessions

Your Investment = $1850

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The Four Step Process

The four steps of The Creating Healthy Habits Coaching program each play their own role in helping your teen create healthy habits so they can break out of the Chronic Stress Loop for good and be happy and healthy in school and beyond.

Step 1:  Celebration of Progress

We begin each coaching session focusing on what is going right and celebrating all steps in the right direction, so your teen can recognize and feel proud of their progress. This is one of the most important steps because it sets up a positive tone for the sessions.  While celebrating, I also emphasize why the new habit is so important to their long-term health and happiness, so your teen will begin to see the value for themselves and become more committed to being consistent with their healthier habits.

Step 2:  Identifying Stressors

We then dive into the stressors that have come up throughout the week and work towards calming the panic and getting out of the Chronic Stress Loop.  Your teen will be introduced to numerous strategies to reduce stress such as the Emotional Freedom Technique, mantras, meditation, gratitude practice and visualization.  If your teen has a manifestation of stress that has been presenting itself for a while, such as nail biting or a short temper,  we will begin the process of discovering the root cause and releasing the stagnate emotion using the Emotional Freedom Technique.

Step 3:  Action Steps

At the end of each session, your teen and I will discuss the action steps for the upcoming week.  If it is a new action step, I will teach a short lesson on how incorporating the new habit will help them reach their goals.  Your teen and I work together to create the actions steps for the week so that they feel manageable.  (The last thing we want is for the action steps to increase stress) Sometimes action steps remain the same for a couple of weeks until the new habit is solidly formed.  Once your teen is having great success automatically taking action, then they move onto different action steps.

Your teen is given 1 to 5 healthy habits based on their personal goals to work into their day along with strategies on how to be consistent. Your teen will know exactly what they have to do throughout the week, so they can begin the process of replacing their default habits with healthier habits to keep them out of The Chronic Stress Loop and focused on creating the happy healthy life that is available to them.

Step 4:  Support Between Sessions

Session Summaries:  After each session, you will be e-mailed a summary of the successes that were celebrated, the topic discussed during the session and the action steps to develop over the coming week.  This way, you can help celebrate the progress, encourage the implementation of the new habits and be part of the process and success of your teen.

  • Informative Handouts:  When applicable, a link explaining the topic discussed or a Tapping Script will be shared in the Session Summaries as a reference.
  • Notes:  I will share anything that came up during the session that I feel sheds light on a struggle or highlights growth.

Motivational Texts:  Your teen will have a health coach in their back pocket.  Throughout the week, I will text reminders to remain focused on their healthy habits.  In addition, I will track which action steps were completed successfully and celebrate all positive progress.  Often times, when teens know someone supportive is going to be asking, they are more likely to follow through; therefore, they have greater success reaching their goals.

Parent Sessions:  You know your child best, so I love being able to connect with you to get your input as well as discussing the celebrations and areas that could use some improvement.  You can schedule your parent sessions at any point, but every four weeks is recommended.

Accountability Chart:  I will create an accountability chart in a Google Document for each week’s action steps.  For some habits, it is really helpful to track exactly which action steps your teen has completed throughout the week because the details are clearer and it helps your teen be more consistent. Instead of thinking, I ate lots of vegetables last week, your teen and I can know that they ate a vegetable at lunch and dinner 10 times last week.  However, some habits don’t need to be tracked as closely, so this step is skipped with some teens.

Reward System:  Although I prefer to use encouragement and the satisfaction that comes with reaching a goal to motivate, some teens need more. If it seems that your teen needs a bit more of an incentive to be consistent with the action steps, I will develop a reward system to encourage progress.  Results and success are important to me, so I am committed to creating a system that works best for your teen.

During the 10 week Creating Healthy Habits Coaching program, I guarantee that your teen will feel supported while being pushed just slightly outside of their comfort zone.  Parents are amazed when their teen willingly meditates before bed, stops buying junky snacks, brings more movement into their day, spends less time on a screen, goes to bed earlier, or eats more vegetables.  No matter how stress is manifesting in your teen’s life, Creating Healthy Habits Coaching can get them on the right path to greater health and happiness one habit at a time.

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Want to take a test drive?

The Creating Healthy Habits Trial package is right for you if you would like to try out working together and ensure it’s the best fit for you and your teen.  If you decide to purchase The Creating Healthy Habits Coaching Program within one week of the last session, I will deduct $250 from the price and we will move forward with the full package (minus the sessions you’ve already utilized).

  • 2 Coaching Sessions
  • Celebration of Progress
  • Weekly Action Steps
  • Session Summary
  • Motivational Texts
  • Informative Handouts
  • Accountability Chart
  • 1 Parent Session

Your Investment = $350

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I am so happy with the work you are doing with my son. It was the best decision I made for him. I think because he feels like it’s his own relationship, he doesn’t feel so pressured and is more willing to follow through .

Drena DeNiro

“I had been struggling with eating the right portions and the right food for a while.  I was skeptical about working with a health coach because I wasn’t sure I had the time or money.  Claire made me feel so comfortable.  She came up with lots of different tactics and stayed on top of me so I kept on track.  I am still using my checklist a year later. It was worth every penny.”

Mary Mielke