Creating Healthy Habits

Jump Start 

Creating Healthy Habits Jump Start

This program is perfect for your teen, if they are tired of feeling stuck in the Chronic Stress Loop, and are ready to make some changes while you are ready to support them in anyway you can, but neither one of you knows quite where to start.  

By the end of this two week program, your teen will have a custom Creating Healthy Habits Action Plan and will know exactly which habits to focus on incorporating into their day, so they can stress less, decrease their unwanted manifestations and be happy and healthy in school and beyond.  You will know how to hold your teen accountable in a positive way, how to support them in achieving their goals, and you’ll be feeling less stress yourself knowing your teen is on the right track.


1 Parent Session
1 Stress Inventory Session (with teen)
Weekly Action Steps
Personalized Accountability Chart
2 Weeks of Motivational Daily Texts
Celebration of Progress
2 Action Step Assessment Sessions (with teen)
Custom Creating Healthy Habit Action Plan

Your Investment = $350


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Jump Start Specifics

Parent Session:

During this 30 minutes session, you share your biggest concerns with your teen’s health, stress and habits, the goals you would like your teen to work towards, and the strategies that have worked and not worked so far.  You know your teen best, so learning your perspective is an important first step in developing your teen’s Creating Healthy Habit Action Plan

Stress Inventory Session:

During this 40 minute session, I will guide your teen through a process that helps them uncover their primary stressors and unhealthy default habits.  Then your teen and I will work together to devise their Weekly Action Steps that include the habits you would like to see increased or decreased in a way that feels doable for them.

Accountability Chart:  

I will create an accountability chart in a Google Document for each week’s action steps and record your teen’s progress.  It is so important to track exactly which action steps your teen has completed each day because the details are clearer, and it helps your teen be more consistent.  Instead of thinking, I ate lots of vegetables last week, your teen and I can know that they ate a vegetable at lunch and dinner 10 times last week.  

Daily Motivational Texts:  

Your teen will have a health coach in their back pocket.  Throughout the week, I will text reminders to remain focused on their healthy habits.  Each morning, I will text your teen to determine which action steps were completed successfully and celebrate all positive progress. Then, I will record their progress in their personalized accountability chart.  Often times, when teens know someone supportive is going to be asking, they are more likely to follow through; therefore, they have greater success reaching their goals.

Action Steps Assessments:

We start both of these these 20 minute sessions focusing on what is going right and celebrating all steps in the right direction.  This way your teen can recognize and feel proud of their progress, and it sets a positive tone for the sessions.  We then evaluate the action steps and tweak and shift habits depending on how your teen is responding, so they can have more success while creating the habit.

Custom Creating Healthy Habit Action Plan

At the end of this two week process, I will email you and text your teen:

  • Link to your their Personalized Accountability Chart which will include all the healthy habits they are developing.  This way you will both have access to what they have accomplished so far, and the tool to continue tracking their progress and success.
  • Informative handout for any habit in the accountability chart that needs some clarification.
  • Questionnaire for you and your teen to complete together to determine the best way to give support to them moving forward, so that their new healthier habits become ingrained, they manage stress better and their unwanted manifestations continue to decrease.


There is endless information about how to manage stress, create habits and get healthy; however, sometimes all this information can feel overwhelming.  If your teen is ready to break out of the Chronic Stress Loop for good, but isn’t sure quite where to start, then you are in the right place.  My Creating Healthy Habits Jump Start program will help your teen identify their top stressors and pinpoint the perfect habits to incorporate into their day so they can stress less, manage expectations better and be happy and healthy in school and beyond. In addition, you will feel more at ease because you will know exactly how to support your teen to help them move towards their goals and experience more success.

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Then I’ll give you some examples of habits that I would work on shifting and ways I would give support, so your teen can break out of the chronic stress loop for good, decrease unwanted manifestations and experience more success.

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I am so happy with the work you are doing with my son. It was the best decision I made for him. I think because he feels like it’s his own relationship, he doesn’t feel so pressured and is more willing to follow through .

Drena DeNiro

“I had been struggling with eating the right portions and the right food for a while.  I was skeptical about working with a health coach because I wasn’t sure I had the time or money.  Claire made me feel so comfortable.  She came up with lots of different tactics and stayed on top of me so I kept on track.  I am still using my checklist a year later. It was worth every penny.”

Mary Mielke