Happy and Healthy Teens Workshop

This online workshop leads you and your teen through a step by step process to devise an action plan to help your teen break out of The Chronic Stress Loop, so they can create healthy habits, manage expectations better, experience more success and be healthy and happy in school and beyond. 

Are your teen’s unhealthy habits like eating more than they need, spending hours in front of a screen, over reacting to life events, rarely going outside or putting little effort into school work driving you nuts

Or are you worried about the consequences of these poor choices such as struggles with weight, low self esteem, short temper, headaches or panic attacks?

You might be thinking that your teen doesn’t care, lacks willpower or is just lazy because no matter what you do or say to support them, they don’t follow through or worse roll their eyes at your suggestions.

The truth is your teen is stuck in the Chronic Stress Loop, and until they learn how to break free, it will be very challenging to create sustainable habits that will help them reach their goals.  

By the end of the Happy and Healthy Teens workshop, your teen will be motivated to take action and know which habits to put into place to help them break out of their Chronic Stress Loop, and you will know exactly how to support them.

Ready to Break Free!

What’s Included

The Happy and Healthy Teens Workshop will be delivered right to your inbox.  The workshop is divided into five parts and lasts around two hours.  Each part includes a video for you and your teen to watch together and two parts are followed by an activity to complete.

5 Short and Powerful Videos

Discussion Questions

Chronic Stress Loop Handout

Stress Inventory Activity

Guided Stress Relieving Session

Cheat Sheets

Healthy Habits Resource Guide

Healthy Habits Action Plan

Private Facebook Group

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Meet Your Teacher

Hi, I’m Claire.  I have lived and taught at a middle school for over twenty years, so I am very familiar with ALL the different ways that teen’s express stress.  

When I was teaching in the classroom, my students would come in stressed about things like tests, homework, a fight with a friend, a sick family member, or an unpleasant interaction with a coach during sports.

I shared my stress reducing strategies with them, but none of them were willing to take what they learned out of the classroom and make it their go to habit to reduce stress.

I was seeing the negative impact stress was having on teens, and I became passionate about teaching teens how to easily incorporate these relaxing practices into their day.  

I resigned from teaching position to pursue my goal of helping millions of teens break out of the Chronic Stress Loop for good, so they can create healthy habits, manage expectations better, experience more success and be healthy and happy in school and beyond.

The Healthy and Happy Teens Workshop is part of my mission.  

At the end of the workshop your teen will:

  • Understand how stress is negatively impacting their lives.
  • See the value in decreasing their stress  
  • Learn the connection between habits, stress and unwanted manifestations
  • Identify their top stressor.
  • Learn the key to creating sustainable healthy habits
  • Be motivated to take action to reach their goals


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Then I’ll give you some examples of habits that I would work on shifting and ways I would give support, so your teen can break out of the chronic stress loop for good, decrease unwanted manifestations and experience more success.

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I am so happy with the work you are doing with my son. It was the best decision I made for him. I think because he feels like it’s his own relationship, he doesn’t feel so pressured and is more willing to follow through .

Drena DeNiro

“I had been struggling with eating the right portions and the right food for a while.  I was skeptical about working with a health coach because I wasn’t sure I had the time or money.  Claire made me feel so comfortable.  She came up with lots of different tactics and stayed on top of me so I kept on track.  I am still using my checklist a year later. It was worth every penny.”

Mary Mielke